October 17, 2021
Fair Trade Fashion Show Comes to LA!

Fair Trade Fashion Show Comes to LA!

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This Saturday I’ll be at the Fair Trade Fashion Show in downtown LA. I am really looking forward to this event! It’s so exciting to see fair-trade fashion showcased, and for such a good cause. Slavery is a massive problem in this industry. I even worked with a freed slave once.

One of the patternmakers I worked with told me how she made it to America from Vietnam. She had saved up all the money required for the trip, but also had to give them her wedding ring. They sailed from Vietnam, headed to another country (I forgot which one) where she could catch a flight to Los Angeles. She told me they spent days in a small boat without enough water. She eventually made it to LA, where she had to work as an indentured servant in a sewing factory. Luckily for her, she made it out of that and was able to stay in Los Angeles.

She became fluent in English, learned a more valuable skill (patternmaking), and made a home for herself here. I wish more people could say the same.

Join us on Saturday to support Free The Slaves and learn more about fair trade fashion!